ZÜCA ACL Score Sleeve

Sale price$40.00

Elevate your cornhole game with the ZÜCA ACL Cornhole Score Sleeve – the ultimate accessory for serious players and casual enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:

Portable and Compact: Take your scorekeeping on the go. The foldable design ensures easy transport and setup at any cornhole event.

Seamless Integration: Designed to fit perfectly over the telescoping handle of any ZÜCA Cornhole Rolling Bag, making it a natural extension of your setup.

Effortless Scoring: Keep track of your wins with the included clips for precise scoring.

Capture the Action: The built-in pocket on top is designed to securely hold your mobile phone, so you can film and share your best moments with ease.

Includes Carrying Case: Store and protect your folded Score Sleeve and clips when not in use.

With the ZÜCA ACL Cornhole Score Sleeve, you'll not only score points but also style points at every game. Get yours today and be the envy of every cornhole player on the block!


Fully Extended: 30.25” L x 5” W x .125” H

Folded: 15” L X 5” W x .25” H