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Introducing the Patent Pending ACL Score & Store™...the first all-in-one board and bag storage, drink and tablet holder, and score board system!

The ACL Score & Store™ is an innovative, space-saving solution for displaying and safely storing your favorite boards and bags when not in use. Elevate and protect your boards from water, scuffs, scratches, dings, and nicks that can come from traditional loose storage on the ground.

When you are ready to play, the ACL Score & Store™ instantly converts to a score board with clips, two drink holders, and a tablet and phone shelf.

Included in the ACL Score & Store™:

  • 4 Shelves
  • 2 Score board side panels
  • 2 Stainless steel cups
  • 8 Phillips head screws
  • 2 Clips for scorekeeping
  • QR code for video assembly instructions

Product Information:

  • Made in the USA
  • 3/4" cabinet-grade Baltic Birch plywood
  • Simple to Assemble
  • Assembled Dimensions: 44"-H, 20"-W, 15"-D